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July 18 Going to Market.

Meet 35 of the world's premier footage libraries, including Omnimovi (Table 20) by registering to join us at Footage Marketplace 2018 on 13th June at the BAFTA headquarters, 195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN.




February 18: Get Your skates on.

OmniMovi launch today with amazing sign-up offers.  2 for 3, 5 for 3 deals to include individual clips or DVD collections. So sign up now and not only receive access to nearly 3000 lifestyle footage clips (1200 recently uploaded and presently only available on our site) with a further 750 rights managed clips coming soon, Don’t forget – our financial incentives are high, wide and handsome – but time limited…Register here to receive news of new content becoming available and become part of the community of high-end lifestyle linear content revolution.


January 18: Be part of the linear content revolution.

OmniMovi and our developers are passionate about preparing for web2 technology and our intention to produce a community of linear content users, a ‘place to come and fulfill all your linear content needs’. Says Rowell, ‘Here at Omni it is our only ambition to offer inspirational and compatible high quality footage. Whether fulfilling a brief already in production, for preparing a PowerPoint presentation or high-end transmission.’ ‘However, although the impact of footage on the web is indisputable, the industry, and the technologies, are changing so fast that everyone can contribute to the forward path. Developing a community of the like-minded is an exciting prospect and completely in-line with our ethos.’
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November 17: New site prepares for launch.

The new OmniMovi site launches soon with a wealth of features and search options to help find the best moving footage for you.


October 07: New producers are joining us to produce, is your content up to the grade?

OmniMovi is the biggest producer of emotive stock footage globally. We guarantee introducing that footage to the largest distribution network and FAST. We have very attractive returns from your material offering 50% return on rights managed materials and 25% on royalty free. In the case of royalty free, we handle all postproduction costs and all your production expenses are paid back also. If you have the material ‘under your desk’ and you want to realize it, or you want to shoot specifically for us, give us a call. Our strategy of working with new directors and photographers offers great opportunities for all. Our approach is flexible and we encourage involvement at a variety of levels. For example, OmniMovi will wholly or in part finance productions, or commission productions financed entirely by the director. At whatever level OmniMovi would commit to take on all the post-production, distribution and give that material access to a worldwide market via a network of the largest stock.


September 17: HD? Which one?

What we do, think and the speed we can adapt to the market. Ask the worlds leading distributors, or video transfer houses and there still no answer to the format question. Does it really matter? Unlike previous systems, if you are acquiring data, there are so many codec’s available now that most footage generated recently will be compatible with hardware/software combinations available. OmniMovi entire rights managed footage is still generated on 35mm, previously telecined to Digibeta but now available on HDCam24p. OmniReelLife royalty free footage is, at present generated on HDV, so we provide native files to all our distributors. Where we focus our passion is the ‘look’. We shoot our footage in progressive mode and focus on high production values captured as a film 'look'. Whatever happens regarding formats and advances in technology, you can be sure that OmniMovi will be keeping a close eye and adapt accordingly. info@omnimovi.com


August 17: Bespoke Film production? Ask here!

For clients requiring bespoke lifestyle clips, why not let us produce your commercial. You want to shoot a script but don't have sufficient budget to do it justice. We'd like more material. So we'll shoot it for you, to full commercial quality standards, for a fraction of the cost. In return for retaining the IP in the material we'll grant you an exclusive category specific licence to use the material for a limited time. After that it reverts to OmniMovi and becomes part of its expanding portfolio of work. We'd assign one of our existing directors to the project and he or she would work alongside your team to deliver the material you want for your script. Whatever your budget we can accommodate. (Whether hi end or more editorial, OmniMovi and OmniReelLife covers all production levels from 35mm to HDV) We can even provide stills for press usages alongside the moving footage.So you get a commercial that you want for a budget that works. OmniMovi gets new material for the library. Easy. info@omnimovi.com









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